Business VPN System & Service

Yousab Business VPN system

Yousab Business VPN is a software based VPN system designed as client-to-client or client-to-site, site-to-site VPN software with build-in secured business communication and services : Secured Instant Messaging (IM), with Secured VoIP, encrypted file exchange, build-in secured mail system, dynamic secured IP tunnels acting like dynamic secured proxies to secure Internet browsing traffic VPN based SSL encryption to secure all Internet traffic between all VPN connected computers & Servers connected to Internet from your offices world-wide. VPN users contact list status updated (online/offline) and other features. Yousab Business VPN is an easy to install and configure VPN system to create a private network deployed in a public domain, yet with reliable security and privacy for a range of businesses from small to Enterprise level network sizes.


  • Customized Based on OpenVPN and reliable SSL the industry standard for secure communications via the internet. It implements OSI layer 2 or 3 secure network extension using the SSL/TLS protocol, supports flexible client authentication methods based on certificates, smart cards, and/or 2-factor authentication, and allows user or group-specific access control policies using firewall rules applied to the VPN virtual interface.

  • Server System Hardware can either :
    - be hosted with us for monthly fees, or
    - can be provided by client and hosted even with in his organization premises

  • Supports Single/Multi VPN on the same server with limitation controlled by server license

  • Support both class C (253 concurrent connections) & B (more than 65000 concurrent connections) IP addresses for the VPN.

  • Web Application Server Interface to simplify client Installation & Configuration

  • Web Application Server Interface can be customized to suite your organization requirements

  • Web Application Server can be used to host secured Web 2 (AJAX) based Applications & services developed by any of the support development Languages frameworks (PHP, PERL, Ruby, IntraWeb, WebSnap, Java, GI, Rico, Ext-JS, ...and many more)

  • Integrated DataBase Server Standard included( MySQL, and/or FireBirdSQL ) and also support integration with nearly any Database server (like PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, Sybase, ....etc)

  • Included Mail Server with optional Web interface, easy to configure User Groups, and Users, maximum Message size (5 MB to Unlimited), User Allocated storage (1GB to Unlimited), and many other configuration features. Optional to replace the included Mail Server with any other Mail server provided by client like MS-Exchange

  • P2P Communication Termination Server that supports (Chat, File Transfer, Voice Over IP and Video Over IP)

  • User access logging (optional)

Within the VPN (for the VPN logged clients)

  • Secured Web Application Server to host local secured organizational and departmental web applications services

  • Secured Business Mail Server with optional Web Interface

  • Secured Business FTP Server

  • Secured P2P (Peer to Peer) Communication Termination for Instant Messenger that includes Chat, VoIP and File transfer

  • Secured P2P (Peer to Peer) Video over IP Communication (Optional)

and optional the following client services:

  • Anonymous secured connection to most public Instant Messenger Services (Optional)

  • Secured on client FTP Server (Optional)

  • Secured on client Web Server (Optional)

  • Secured on client Mail Server (Optional)

Yousab Business VPN Client

YouSAB Business VPN Client with built in Secured Instant Messenger


  • Easy to install and configure directly from the server web interface

  • Client Interface can be optionally customized to suite your organization.

  • Contact list for all/selected users with in the VPN with online/offline status indicators

  • Messages to offline user send to his secured business email account

  • Secured Voice Over IP (Peer to Peer) between VPN connected users

  • Secured Text chat (Peer to peer) between VPN connected users, with optional to save it to a local online meeting for later reference

  • Secured file transfer (Peer to Peer) between VPN connected users.

  • Built in Secured Web Browser (Secured, Fast and light weight) to be used to access secured mail server web interface, Secured organizational and departmental web applications & Services, (and optional to access Internet anonymously)

*** Remark : All Optional features are for added cost