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"Anonymous surfing with VPN VoIP Desktop Messenger software is A Click Away!"

Uncover The Brutally Effective YOUSAB VPN Desktop Messenger Software that "All security conscious members " Are Using to surf anonymously and interact with their business and family contacts, using a totally secure VPN platform - With Little Or No I.T Knowledged needed!...

Version uT, Just Released!

What is Yousab Software?

YouSAB is a Secure VPN Desktop Messenger & VOIP Social, Administrated, Business Community that enables users to access & interact with their social and business peers, through totally secure downloadable VPN software. Originating from a vision of freedom & Security, Yousab software was born out of a desire to fundamentally change the way people communicate. Yousab community sits at the heart of secure on line communication, restoring user’s civil liberties while allowing freedom to communicate PEER-PEER through multiple VPN encrypted connections, so users have piece of mind that on line security will not be compromised.

Many Powerful Features Rolled Into One Service!!

  1. You are signing up to a secure network of like minded people who are enjoying surfing anonymously online.

  2. Total support to All widely used Messenger services including MSN, Yahoo, Skype, ICQ, ... in chat mode using included client

  3. Support P2P Torrent Networks and includes uTorrent client

  4. Provides VPN VoIP Messenger service that utilizes multiple VPN encrypted tunnels, ensuring you to surf anonymously and secure your online identity 100 percent all the time.

  5. Unblocks all your favorite websites, which are deemed, unsuited for viewership by your Employer, Internet Service Provider or country Government! e.g. Myspace unblocker, & Unblock facebook.

  6. Software interface similar to MSN or Yahoo messenger programs, which is set up to run silently in the background and does not slow down your Internet connection.

  7. Crystal clear PC to PC VOIP calls that is more reliable and better quality than the big boys, but also with the extra piece of mind with VPN privacy!

  8. Total security solution when connecting using a WIFI connection.

  9. Prepaid card facility that allows to you purchase credit to use the service for as low as 3 Euro, minimizing the risk versus a yearly or monthly payment subscription.

  10. No more using unsecure proxy websites to unblock Facebook or gambling websites.

  11. Ideal for companies looking for highly secure, but yet economical way to have a secure business network.

Remember you pay for what you use with our Pre Paid card Technology!

Right now, you're just a couple of clicks away from having a simple, easy to use software program that'll provide 9 powerful features

Don’t take our word for it read some of our user’s testimonial below:

Great service I have managed to unblock all the content that is deemed unfit for viewership in Kuwait ME” Kalid Mohammed

I have managed to save a small fortune using Yousab along with Skype when calling from Dubai in the UAE. Yousab Messenger is also great to keep in touch with family members from the UK.I hear from a press release that Yousab are planning to launch their video messenger feature, which would blow the competition away.” Joe Hart Dubai ME

Good service that provides piece of mind when connecting from Wifi hotspots. Had problems at first with configuration, but the YOUSAB team were on hand to walk me through my specific laptop firewall configuration settings” Mr X China

We are very satisfied with the quality of your VPN service. We presently employ 23 people in 3 different countries and we all use your service to communicate securely through your network. The time that your staff spent setting up and customizing Yousab messenger to meet our requirements was excellent and the cost compared to other VPN providers are a fraction. Keep up the good work, we highly recommend your service Thank you!Peter Bezemek

Windows XP, 2000, 98 Users

1. Click here to download free now

2. If you have a firewall software installed or Windows firewall is activated, its required to give the messenger total access to the Internet resources. To get more help download the manual, or access our on- line help desk

Windows Vista Users

1. Disable user account control in windows 7 and vista. For more info click here

2. Click here to download free now

3. If you have a firewall software installed or Windows firewall is activated, its required to give the messenger total access to the Internet resources. To get more help download the manual, or access our on- line help desk

In windows 7 and Vista, It is recommended to Disable IPv6, For more info click here